Reflexology for Bunions

Reflexology is a non-nonsensical failed pseudoscience belief system that claims different organ systems can be mapped to the foot and stimulation of those zones on the foot can affect the health of those organs. There is no physiological or neurological or any sort of biological link between the organs and the bottom on the foot. Clinical trials of reflexology are badly done and all systematic reviews of the good published evidence clearly shows that reflexology is totally useless at treating everything. The only studies that show a results were either badly done or the intervention used was not “reflexology”, but just a foot massage.

In that context, there is absolutely nothing that reflexology can do for bunions, so don’t waste your money on it or fall or the non-nonsensical failed pseudoscience. On the other hand, a damn good foot massage will make everyone fell better …. it just won’t fix your bunion.

Homeopathy for Bunions

Homeopathy for bunions does not work. It can not work as homeopathy does not work for anything. The scientific evidence on it is really clear. There is plenty of that evidence and it all shows that it does not work. Homeopathy is no better than a placebo. Any ‘clinical’ effect of it that is seen is due to that placebo effect. Those that promote homeopathy grasp at straws, misrepresent bad research and use all sorts of logical fallacies, data dredging and special pleading. They still do not get it. All the scientific investigations and government reports show that it does not work and can not or will not work. If it does not work for anything, then it can not work for bunions.