Bunions are common and are a problem. This site will guide you through all the issues and treatments.

Why This Site

Bunions are so common and like so many other foot problems that are so common, there is so much misinformation being spread on the web about them. We thought it would be helpful to have an evidence based resource on the web that contained good science based information. We want to address those issues.


The cause of bunions is multi factorial, meaning many factors are involved. Its not just the shoes as there is a hereditary element to them. Bunions still do occur in those who do not wear shoes (but they are not as bad and not as painful in the shoe wearing populations). We want to address those issues.

When you get a bunion, there is no a lot that can be done to make it go away, except for surgery. There is not a lot that can be done to help the symptoms without surgery but they won’t help it go away. We want to address those issues.



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